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PMF Industries Brings World Class Solutions to the Energy Industry

PMF Industries in Williamsport, PA is manufacturing world class precision parts in the center of the Keystone State. Their vast capabilities, particularly in the areas of flowforming, spinning, and deep drawing have established them as a go-to resource for many companies within the energy industry.

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"Thankfully, we found PMF through our supplier network over ten years ago. We’ve been working together ever since." - Kirk Petty, Capstone Turbine

Their partnerships with their customers extend well beyond their capabilities. PMF’s President and General Manager, John Perrotto states: “We are not merely a parts maker, anyone could do that. Our goal is to always be a true partner to our customers. We’re down in the trenches with them, collaborating with them when they are having a technical issue, and consulting with them during new product development. We are an extension of their own team, and that level of trust in our expertise means everything to us.”

Precisely Right

Precision takes on a whole new meaning when you’re looking for a supplier that can manufacture a clean energy power generator part with a very custom specification. And when that same part needs to yield a 20-year life span to boot, well that narrows the playing field even further.

Kirk Petty, Senior Vice-President of Operations at Capstone Turbine Corporation of Van Nuys, California noted, “There are not many companies out there that offer spinning and deep drawing services to the size and complexity that we need them. Thankfully, we found PMF through our supplier network over ten years ago. We’ve been working together ever since."

Communication is Key

When a company is entrusting a supplier with a component that can make or break the success of their final product, they need to be kept in the loop every step of the way. The sales team at PMF Industries takes that trust very seriously. They know how important communication is to the customer.

They go to great lengths to inform them of progress and milestone moments within their project. Petty goes on to say “PMF has been a huge help to us…always willing to lend an ear when we’re having a technical issue with mating parts and always willing to help us work toward a solution. We have really appreciated their attention to detail and their level of communication. That has made all the difference in growing our relationship over the years.”