The proof is in our metal forming processes.

Solving critical metal forming problems. Achieving game-changing results.

Every day, companies come to us with strict metal forming requirements. They need components that are more durable, lighter, and less expensive. Or maybe they need tighter tolerances or multiple thicknesses in the same part. Or maybe they need to use a material that is notoriously difficult to form. Or maybe they want to do what’s never been done.


Flowforming Case Study 6: Military

  • Application:  Flowforming and Hot Spinning for Defense Applications
  • Part:  Pressure Vessel Liner
  • Material:  304 Stainless Steel

Flowforming Case Study 5: Military

  • Application: Flowforming and Metal Forming for Defense Applications
  • Part: Rocket Motor Case
  • Material Formed: Maraging Steel

Flowforming Case Study 4: Pharmaceutical

  • Application: Flowforming and Metal Forming for Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Part: Multi-Cartridge Filter Housings
  • Material Formed: Several

Flowforming Case Study 3: Filtration

  • Application: Flowforming and Metal Forming for Pulp and Paper Applications
  • Part: Centrifugal Separator
  • Material Formed: T-316 SS, Inconel, Hasteloy
Food Industry

Flowforming Case Study 2: Food Industry

  • Application: Flowforming and Metal Forming for Food Processing Applications
  • Part: Freezing Cylinder
  • Material Formed: T-304 SST (Considered difficult to form)
Aerospace Part

Flowforming Case Study 1: Aerospace

  • Application: Flowforming and Metal Forming for Aerospace Applications
  • Part: Auxiliary Power Unit Housing
  • Material Formed: Inconel 625 (Considered difficult to form)