Deep Drawing and Press Forming

Proven metal forming processes.

Press forming and deep drawing have a long and productive history. Also known as stamping, these processes were used in the late 1800s for bicycle parts and later for automobile parts. Today, it’s still the trusted, go-to metal forming process due to its low-cost/high-production capabilities and quality results. Additionally, PMF has pioneered the unique ability to combine deep drawing and flowforming to efficiently use sheet metal in place of more expensive forgings and castings. This means superior parts with uniform mechanical properties and controlled grain size – often saving costs with less material waste.

PMF’s exclusive combination of metal forming processes produce parts with:

  • Better, stronger physical properties
  • Minimal labor
  • Seamless elements, less welds
  • The ability to handle higher levels of stress than traditional forged and machined components

Deep drawing and press forming expertise with:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • copper
  • tantalum
  • carbon steel alloys
  • high strength nickel-based alloys, such as 718 and 625

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