Finishing and Chemical Processing

Remove free iron. Leave a brilliant, corrosion-resistant finish.

For the ultimate in protection, PMF’s finishing and chemical processing methods, such as electropolishing and passivation, can’t be beat. After manufacturing, these treatments remove free iron from metal surfaces, ion by ion, to produce an exceptionally clean, brilliant finish that’s totally free from contamination and surface flaws. As an ISO Q9001-2015/AS9100D certified manufacturing company, we are dedicated to quality, safety, and results.

Why is finishing and chemical processing so important?

  • Improves corrosion resistance and sanitary surfaces
  • Leaves behind a smooth, lustrous finish with no microscopic peaks or valleys
  • Creates a clean surface that’s resistant to bacterial growth - critical in the medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries
  • Removes burrs from deep cavities and recesses, enhancing the overall surface profile, and the process acts as a form of surface stress relief

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