Success Stories

Viking Pump®

PMF’s Engineering Services Generate Long-term Partnerships

There is a vast difference between a vendor and a partner. A vendor takes a very transactional approach to business. A partner, on the other hand, uses every opportunity to build a relationship with the customer. PMF Industries, a world-renowned flowformer in Williamsport, PA has built their entire business on relationships.

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Emery Thompson

PMF’s Deep Drawing Capabilities Bolster Efficiencies for Food Processing Customers

Good timing in business is everything. When a PMF team member reached out to Emery Thompson’s Vice-President, Slade Harmon, on LinkedIn, little did she know her timing couldn’t have been any more perfect.

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Capstone® Turbine Corporation

PMF Industries Brings World Class Solutions to the Energy Industry

PMF Industries in Williamsport, PA is manufacturing world class precision parts in the center of the Keystone State. Their vast capabilities, particularly in the areas of flowforming, spinning, and deep drawing have established them as a go-to resource for many companies within the energy industry.

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