PMF Machining:
A cut above the rest.

Precision cuts. Perfect parts.

PMF believes anything is possible with the right expertise, equipment, tool, and workpiece. And that’s exactly how we tackle every machining project, big or small. Simply put, machining is transforming metal into parts by making precise cuts with specific tools. Any machine shop can do that. But PMF takes it to the next level. Here, all machining is performed on state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning and milling centers.

We are recognized for our unique ability to machine complex, close-tolerance components in materials that have a range in hardness from 88B to 63C Rockwell. In addition, we have the capability of machining thin-walled flowformed components with diameters up to 36" (914.4mm) and a maximum length of 178" (4521.2mm).

Our EDM Machining capabilities use electrical current to precisely remove material without ever touching the part. Tolerances can be held to within 0.0005". This non-traditional machining enables the shaping of parts that is not possible with traditional machining methods.

At PMF, our advanced machining capabilities offer:

  • Precisely engineered 3D models through our CAD/CAM program that effectively generate G-coding for complex machine shapes. The 3D model in conjunction with the CMM will be used to provide assurance that every part manufactured by PMF will be verified to be in compliance to the customer’s requirements. 
  • Vertical and horizontal milling centers, equipped with dual pallets, for prototyping and production machining.
  • Horizontal turning lathes, featuring multiple live-tooling stations that provide the capability of turning, drilling, milling, and boring in a single operation.
  • Advanced Nadcap-accredited EDM (non-traditional) machining capabilities.

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CNC Machining