Research & Development

Our knowledge gives you the upper hand.

At PMF, we’re always striving to improve manufacturing methods, materials, and processes. We understand that when we get better, our customers benefit – the true measure of everything we do. To stay innovative and competitive, our internal research and development (R&D) department continually looks for pioneering ways to streamline and combine metal-working processes, like flowforming, deep drawing, hot spinning, machining, electromechanical forming, and more. Furthermore, we’re always looking to break new ground while working with new high-strength alloys, such as columbium, tantalum, titanium, and other commercially available materials.

PMF also has a Master Research Agreement (MRA) with Penn State University to conduct joint research with our customers and the university in such fields as materials, processes, metalworking, and food science.

PMF’s dedication to R&D helps our customers:

  • achieve or exceed manufacturing goals
  • streamline metal forming, fabricating, finishing, and assembly processes
  • reduce manufacturing and material costs
  • improve profit margins

For more information on PMF's research and development capabilities, contact us.