Expert welders produce exceptional quality.

When you need a seam, PMF's welding fits the bill.

There’s no doubt: PMF welders are the best in the business, capable of fulfilling all your welding needs. AWS and NADCAP certified, they are specialists at using CNC, semi-automated, and free-hand methods. Our welders are highly accomplished at creating tightly-fitted joints in thin metals. They are also at the forefront of newest trends and techniques for joining aerospace metals. We create clean welds with deep penetration to meet the strictest demands. Whether your needs include GTAW, GMAW, stick welding, brazing, soldering, or resistance spot welding, PMF has you covered.

Working with PMF welders, you’ll get:

  • high-integrity welded seams
  • recommendations as to where joints should be placed and what type of joint
  • review of part tolerance
  • no gaps due to part variance
  • a selection of metals, from aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, various exotics, and a wide assortment of nickel alloys
  • expert quality control
  • scalability from single prototypes to high volume processing

For more information on PMF's welding capabilities, contact us.