High-pressure fluid.
High-quality results.

Light. Strong. Seamless.

When you want a cost-effective metal fabricating and forming process that creates complex shapes and contours while eliminating welds, PMF's hydroforming is the answer. It uses high-pressure fluid to shape stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum.

Our hydroforming process is unique because it uses a bladderless configuration. This method can achieve a wider range of profiles in tighter radii. PMF's hydroforming capabilities focus on components with wall thicknesses up to .080 inch (2mm) and is suited for manufacturing hemispheres up to 12" (304.8mm) in diameter with a uniform wall thickness.

PMF’s hydroforming can:

  • Increase part strength
  • Reduce part weight
  • Produce tighter tolerances
  • Create seamless bonds
  • Reduce “spring back”
  • Lower cost per unit
  • Save materials, tools, and labor

For more information on PMF's hydroforming capabilities, contact us.