Electromagnetic Forming

Improved forming. Less wrinkles. Unlimited joining.

Electromagnetic forming (EMF) uses a high-velocity electronic pressure pulse to rapidly form a given workpiece, often used to shrink or expand cylindrical tubing. PMF takes this common process a step further by combining electromagnetic forming with flowforming, providing a powerful-yet-cost-effective metalworking solution to meet a myriad of manufacturing challenges. Additionally, PMF can successfully form powder-coated parts in a variety of applications, including tube-to-tube connection, tube-end shaping, tube-to-end fittings, tube-to-plate connections, connector assemblies, ground rings, metal-to-plastic, and dissimilar metals.

Electromagnetic forming advantages:

  • No welding
  • No heat affected zones
  • Minimal joint preparation
  • Workpiece can be pre-coated
  • Metal to non-metals connection using no chemicals
  • Minimum spring back after forming
  • No lubricants necessary for forming

For more information on PMF's electromagnetic metal forming capabilities, contact us.