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Finishing and Chemical Processing

As part of our comprehensive range of services, at PMF Industries, Inc. we offer highly efficient electropolishing and passivation surface treatments. Electropolishing is a chemical finishing method that removes free iron from the metal surface, ion by ion, to produce an exceptionally clean, brilliant finish free from contamination and surface flaws. Parts are not subject to mechanical or thermal stress, and we can reproduce results with a high degree of precision.

Our process involves a vapor degreasing or alkaline cleaning pre-treatment to clear the surface of oxides; this is followed by a deionized water rinse prior to the submerged electrical discharge. Electropolishing is a common form of passivation of nickel-based alloys. We use Type 7 nitric acid baths that conform to AMS QQP35 specifications to produce a transparent oxide film that inhibits oxidation.

There are many benefits to electropolishing. Electropolishing dramatically improves corrosion resistance while leaving behind a smooth, lustrous finish with no microscopic peaks or valleys. Surfaces are hygienically clean and resistant to bacterial growth, which is of great importance to the medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and other industries where the presence of pathogens are of concern. All burrs are removed from deep cavities and recesses, enhancing the overall surface profile, and the process acts as a form of surface stress relief.

As an ANSI/ISO.ASQ Q9001-2015/AS9100D certified manufacturing company, we place a strong emphasis on quality. We monitor and control bath chemistries, current, timing, and other process parameters to ensure consistently high quality electropolished finishes. Whether you need a highly polished surface for a prototype or you have large-scale production requirements, we can manage the project on a timely basis. To learn more about our electropolishing capabilities, contact us directly.

 For more information on PMF's finishing and chemical processing capabilities, contact us.

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